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SK is a creative agency, which has everything you need, to develop your brand, web, and presence all in one place.

Does it feel like your brand doesn’t coordinate who you are as an individual, not to mention reaching your right customers? Do you feel like an lack of professionality and consitency is keeping you away from making a move and appearing on the web? Maybe you’re not totally clear on your right customer and accordingly your message isn’t clear either?

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A well-designed brand creates and encounters, cultivates a community, and intensifies clients’ interest. Branding is the experience a business cultivates around its scope and services. A brand identity is any of the visual components that help shape that experience. My goal is to help brands in their presence in a professional, high qualitative way and effectively communicate with the right target client group.

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Hey there. I’m Sabrina. During my profession as a Graphic Designer, I had developed into a Brand and Web Designer. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with small and medium-sized organizations in a wide variety of areas. 

You have a vision and you are not sure how to implement it? Then you are on the exact right place. Together we can implement your wishes and let creativity sparkle.

BE UNIQUE – The first impression counts, because the competition doesn’t sleep. I will conjure up a new, fresh look for you. Together we will approach new ideas and analyze exactly how you can reach the right target group.


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